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Forensic Genealogists & International Investigations

Von Langen, LLC specializes in forensic genealogy and international investigations serving clients all over the world. With experienced genealogists and investigators across the United States and around the globe, our team conducts exhaustive searches to locate missing heirs and beneficiaries wherever they may be.

We offer you our track record of success locating missing heirs in connection with estate & trust settlement matters, distribution of unclaimed assets, suits to quiet title to real property, establishment of ownership of oil, gas, and mineral rights, and a host of other matters.

Von Langen’s findings may be used to establish an heir’s interest, or refute claims put forth by alleged heirs. We possess extensive experience in preparation of affidavits and compilation of admissible evidence for use as court exhibits. In addition, we provide proof of compliance with due diligence requirements so that results can be trusted and verified. As an added assurance, we offer you a one-million professional liability insurance policy against errors and omissions — though we have never had a claim.

In even the most complex matters, you can rely on the dedicated genealogists and investigators of Von Langen whose accuracy and professionalism comes with our wealth of experience. To ensure our investigation can be completed in the manner that best suits your time and budget, we offer flexible fee schedules. In many cases, the most economical cost-basis for our services is an hourly rate; however, you may prefer our contingency fee option for your case. Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed or there is no fee due.

Discover for yourself why so many clients have trusted Von Langen, LLC to find their missing heirs. For a consultation and quote tailored to your individual case, please call 800-525-7722 and ask for me.


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