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Frequently Asked Questions

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Von Langen, LLC is an international investigative agency and research firm specializing in forensic genealogy- tracing people who are entitled to share in certain assets or property interest. Since 1988, Cliff von Langen’s business has been to locate missing heirs and research family history for unknown heirs. Our firm compiles documentation needed as evidence to establish heirship and prove entitlement or claims on behalf of the heirs. Von Langen understands that virtually every client has questions about our services. We trust that our answers below will give you confidence in our integrity and our ability to assist you in this important matter.

Why have I been contacted now?

An asset or interest in property has been discovered where some or all of the proper heirs are missing or unknown. In this case, our research has identified you as an heir whose interest should be established. We are offering to file a claim on your behalf on a NO RISK contingency basis.

How do I know this is legitimate?

We are not paid until our clients receive assets. If we did not believe you will benefit, we would not offer to handle this matter for you on a percentage-basis. Von Langen has helped thousands of clients recover millions in assets. We are one of the most experienced and respected firms in the world.

We have established an impeccable reputation and an extensive reference list, which includes the Better Business Bureau, American Bar Association, American Banker’s Association and many other organizations you can trust. Our proposal is made absolutely and completely at NO RISK TO YOU.

Why can’t you tell me all the details now?

Over the years we have learned that in order to help protect our firm’s investment in time and expenses locating heirs, generally, we must refrain from revealing exact details about the origin of the assets until all heirs have signed our simple contingency fee agreement. Otherwise, we may not receive payment from those heirs who would utilize our work product for their gain and then feel no obligation to our office when they receive their monies as a result of our efforts.

How did Von Langen learn of this matter?

Cases are referred to us through the courts, lawyers, bank administrators, and our international network of researchers and associates. Our services are required when the holder of an asset lacks the expertise to determine if there are any heirs, or in cases where there are heirs already known and reason to believe there may also be a missing heir…and we found YOU!

What will this cost me?

We pay all expenses to prove your claim and recover your rightful share. Until you actually receive assets as a result of our efforts, you will owe nothing. When assets are distributed to you, at that time you then owe Von Langen the percentage on the Agreement that we ask you to sign.

If, for any reason, I never receive assets, what will I owe Von Langen?

Absolutely nothing. Von Langen is paid only if you receive assets. Our clients are never asked to pay any fees in advance. If you receive no assets, you pay nothing. In any event, we absorb all the cost to prove your claim.

When will I receive these assets?

The answer depends, in large part, on where the matter is pending and if property remains to be sold. Court schedules and statutory time requirements vary from one jurisdiction to another. In most cases, distribution is made within 12-18 months. However, in larger jurisdictions it may take longer.

Who determines my share?

The court determines your share based on evidence provided by our office, the total number and relationships of heirs, and the laws of the state or foreign country in the case.

What about taxes?

No income tax is charged on inheritance monies; any inheritance taxes are deducted before distribution of your assets. So you have no initial tax liability on the assets you receive.

What about debts?

You cannot be held responsible for debts. Debts are paid before distribution is made to you. If debts exceed assets, you would receive no assets but you would never have any liability.

What about liability in connection with any property?

You have no liability. Any property is sold and your distribution is based on your share of any assets remaining after payment of any debt. You would never have any liability.

What if I do nothing?

Those assets, which we believe may be rightfully yours, could be turned over to the state as escheated funds or your unclaimed share may be distributed to any other claimants whose identities have been made known to the court.

What should I do next?

Read over our RISK-FREE Agreement, then sign and return it to our office as soon as you can. The sooner we receive your Agreement, the sooner we may file your claim.

If you have further questions, please contact us via our online reply form. If you would prefer, please call us at 561-748-2936. Note: Please see our Privacy Notice also, which specifically addresses any identity theft or confidentiality concerns you may have.