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Having served the needs of heirs and the legal professionals since 1988, Cliff von Langen has received many letters of praise and “thanks.” Here are just a few quotes:

You guys are AMAZING!!

I went to Surrogate’s Court to file the amended probate petition using the information you were able to give us so quickly. Thank you so much for that, even the Court clerk was impressed by how fast your turnaround was!

Again, thank you so much for the incredible work you do!

With much appreciation,

Marianne Stephan
Law Office of Francis J. Harvey, Jr.

Good Morning Cliff—

I received the completed Family Tree in the mail earlier this week… it’s amazing the number of beneficiaries there are!

You and Michele did a great job. Thank you so much for all of the hard work you’ve both put in to this family tree. I know it has been a long process…

Thanks as always!

Jillian Bisson, Fiduciary Administrator
Pennsylvania Team
Wells Fargo Wealth Management

Thank you for all your assistance. We will definitely use your services next time the occasion arises and recommend you to all who are in need of such services.

Thomas Smith, Trust Administrator
Wells Fargo Wealth Management

As we discussed, six years ago, you did a fine job for me in a case about which I’ve spoken in classrooms to paralegals, and to lawyers at seminars.  The family tree you provided covered 3 out of 4 of the courtroom’s walls.  An amazing case.  Not sure this assignment will rise to the level of that one, but nevertheless I am sure you are up to the task.

I have been appointed by the Court as the Attorney ad Litem to find the missing heirs. Thank you very, very much for your willingness to help us in this case.

Randy Michel
Law Office of Randy Michel

Cliff:  Thank you and your team for your thorough and detailed work in researching this and putting it together in such a concise format.

Wade Christiansen
Christiansen Law Firm

I want to again say thank you for your time and patience. You have no idea how much this matter means to me and my children. This is a healing process for my relationship with my uncle too! You seem like a very sincere person, and I hope I can still look forward to a “family tree”… that would be so great to have. May God bless you and may your business continue to prosper. Thank you, again.

Ronna Pease

Dear Cliff,

Thank you very much for your terrific work on this project.

I will happily refer your services to my colleagues and look forward to the next time we work together.

Very truly yours,

Jeffrey ZimmermanAttorney
Mavrides Moyal Packman Sadkin

We are very happy with the information you provided and we completely trust and value your investigative process.

Thank you once again.


Jayne Marsh Gilbert
Gilbert & Gilbert Lawyers, Inc.

Thank you for your diligent efforts on this matter!  I cannot thank you enough for this thorough and conclusive search… and for your help in this!  I appreciate your hard work you do for us!

Michael L. ZappitellaFiduciary Administrator
Philadelphia Team
Wells Fargo Wealth Management

We hired Cliff von Langen and his agency to research the location of two young children who were listed as beneficiaries of an IRA account. Mr. Von Langen was successful in locating them, and we are now dialoguing with their mother to move the inheritance process along.

They did an exemplary job of assisting us in locating the children.

Sally S. Gallagher
Richard G. Hill, Ltd.

You have done an amazing job!  Thank you all so much for all of your hard work on this case.  As always, you are miracle workers!

It is hard finding out information if there is no cooperation.

Thank you for your persistence.

Carrie Jett, Vice President
Wells Fargo Wealth Management

“Thanks for the voluminous family tree! It is daunting, to say the least.”

Kathleen M. McGinty, Assistant Vice President

Wells Fargo Wealth Management

You will have REALLY earned your fee on this one.  I’m just grateful you were interested in taking this challenge.  Thank you so much.  Hopefully we can get this estate administered and resolved in the new year.  Thanks!

Jeanne M. Marquette, Esq.
Attorney at Law

The heirs in Germany are very happy about their inheritance and would like to take this opportunity to thank you.

Best regards,

Dominik Häffner, B.A.
International Estates Department
Hoerner Bank
Heilbronn Germany

Cliff had contacted me regarding a legal issue.  The estate of a deceased relative which I never knew existed.  The windfall of unexpected inheritance has given me the priceless gift of financial peace of mind, but more than that was an insight into my family’s medical histories.  I now know that cancer was not the primary illness that I was lead to believe.  Having been diagnosed and treated for lung cancer has been a constant companion over the years. Now I have hope that maybe I am free of this disease and will live many years.  Like I said before PRICELESS.  Cliff is amazing how he found all the missing pieces to my ancestry. I would fully recommend him.  He is professional but with compassion.  One of the best experiences of my life!

Theresa Azar

WOW, this one is interesting to say the least!

Dawn Parker
Mohave Estate Management Office
Kingman, AZ

Hello Cliff and Meredith,
Your team is amazing! Thank you very much for all the information provided and for the chart of heirs…I just got off the phone with…I truly can’t believe how quickly you found…and his brother…I’m seriously impressed…Just wanted to say thank you both.
We truly appreciate the quick completion of this requested service.

Roberta S. Lee-Kennett
Deputy Public Administrator
Clark County Public Administrator’s Office

Thanks for the quick turnaround on this as well. Your expertise and diligence have been invaluable to us for the case.
Very truly yours,

Eric R. McLoughlin, Esq.

Thank you for the quick response and findings.

Richard E. Knight

Thanks for all of your work on this! You have been so quick and efficient!!

Chris L. Babich
Senescu & Babich, PLLC

I appreciate the update on the status and your firm’s quick turnaround times with all our cases.

Thanks again,
Reid Christomos
Financial Case Manager
Tiffany & O’Shea Inc.

Thank you so much for your tremendous work!

Brandy Baxter-Thompson
Lan Smith Sosolik Baxter-Thompson & Johnston PLLC

Thank you for the amazingly fast turnaround.

Marcia Mehl, CFP, Vice President
Wells Fargo Wealth Management

Thank you for the quick reply and the, as always, thorough work.


Peter W. Gaynor,Paralegal
Arlington Law Group

I appreciate all that you do and have done!…please note that you have done a very good job in this quest and I appreciate all services/information you have provided. I believe you have completed all the requests that were asked of you and your firm.
Thank you very much.

Patricia N. McMahan, CTFA
Vice President & Trust Officer
Midwest Trust Company

Dear Michele:

You are very quickly becoming one of my favorite people. Thank you for your efforts!

Very truly yours,

Phillip D. Azachi
DeCandido & Azachi, PLLC
Attorneys at Law

It’s been such a pleasure working with you over the years.

Lindsay B. Eder, CTFA
Vice President, Wells Fargo Wealth Management

Awesome – thanks so much for this added detail, Michele!! This helps a lot. Man, what a family tree!!

Brianna K. Mannion


City and County of San Francisco

Legal Division – Office of the Public Administrator/Public Guardian


Echoing Brianna to say thank you for the additional information.  It was very helpful.  Have a great evening!

Gretchen Peterson-Fisher


City and County of San Francisco

Legal Division – Office of the Public Administrator/Public Guardian


Thank you!!!! Outstanding!!! Ever grateful!!!!
Aminda Nicoloro

We appreciate your help in locating many of the beneficiaries from this case.

Thank you!

John Hill, CFP®, CTFA
Senior Trust Advisor
Vanguard National Trust Company

Excellent!  Thank you so much for all the work done, we greatly appreciate the attention provided to this case.

Kind regards,


Soyla V. Rausch

Assistant Vice President

Trust Officer

U.S. Bank Private Wealth Management


Our client will probably require certainty about the establishment of the heirship prior to agreeing to include them as interested parties…we have reviewed your chart, and everything makes sense. We agree that additional research is needed regarding…or his descendants. Also…obituary states that she was survived by 11 grandchildren, but it seems that there is not enough evidence of such 11 grandchildren. It is our client’s duty to resolve these issues.

Thanks for your assistance. Always a pleasure to work with you.
Lilia C. Machado
Morrison & Reynolds

Thank you Michele for your thorough research.

George G. Constance


Hello Michele,

Thank you for your assistance with finding the heirs to the Margaret D. Kenley estate. We have confirmed identities and communicated with the appropriate family members. Therefore, The Salvation Army of Memphis will not require any additional assistance from Von Langen, LLC. Thank you again.

Bonita Terry-Malone
The Salvation Army

It has been a pleasure working with you and Mr. Von Langen.

Kind regards,

Jocelyn L. Guevara
Legal Assistant
Dingman Labowitz Robinson, P.C.

Fantastic—thank you again for all of your help. I’ve shared your report with the bank, and I expect we will file it with the Court on Monday. Thank you again for your patience!

Best regards,

Erin D. Nicholls
Wiggin and Dana, LLP

I appreciate all of the hard work done in finding all of the family members on this trust account. Thank you so much for providing all of the documents as well.

Andrew Hicks, Associate Fiduciary Specialist

Trust Client & Advisor Services

Wells Fargo Wealth Management


Thank you for your diligent search.

Jeffrey Lutkins, Fiduciary Administrator
Wells Fargo Wealth Management

We are very happy with the information you provided and we completely trust and value your investigative process.

Thank you once again.


Jayne Marsh Gilbert
Gilbert & Gilbert Lawyers, Inc.

Thanks for turning this around so quickly!

Eric R. McLoughlin, Esq.
Arenstein & Andersen Co., LPA

Thanks so much for the prompt response and quick work! We’ll alert the law office and proceed accordingly. Again, thank you and we look forward to working with you again soon!

Robert L. Ansara,
Professional Estate Administrators, LLC

Your services have been exceptional.  We look forward to working with you again in the near future.

Very truly yours,
Rebecca Ferrigno-Ohm, Esq.

This is amazing.  I thought finding the daughters would be impossible.  I am so impressed! I will send notices to…at the addresses you provided.

Thank you for your help.

Rebecca A. Olds, Esquire
Olds Russ Saenz Marquette & Peace, LLC

Cliff, this is wonderful – Thank you and Meredith so much for the quick work.

Elisabeth L. Swanbery

Attorney at Law

As always, you’ve been professional and very helpful.

Gregory H. Zogran, P.A.

“Thanks Meredith and Cliff for the lightning-quick results!”

Best regards,


Richard W. Kraft, Esq.
Hackett Feinberg P.C.

I really appreciate your assistance. We were able to get the information we needed at least in order to terminate the probate. Thanks again.

Kim Spoon, MSW-NMG
Guardianship Services of NV, Inc.
A Private Professional Guardian/Fiduciary Company

Mr. Von Langen, this is fantastic news!  I am very grateful for the effort you have put into tracking down Forest and Bonnie.  A formal report will not be necessary; an invoice will be sufficient.  Thanks again for your help with this matter.

James Hougham, Trust Administrator
Estate Settlement Administration, Wells Fargo Wealth Management

Thank you and your staff for your quick wrap-up of this matter.

Craig Hart, Estate Investigator
Washoe County Public Administrator

I appreciate you getting this done so quickly.

Christine Bialczak

We are pleased with your work.
Thank you for your assistance.

Peggy Henscik

I will definitely let you know when we need help again in the future…
Thank you so much.


Beverley Klassman
Ritter Chusid, LLP

That’s great work. Thank you and your team for solving this issue. I shared the information with one of the other attorneys involved in this matter and they have already made contact based on the information you provided. I’ll be sure to keep you guys in mind in the future.


Gregory E. Parker, Jr.

I appreciate the hard work you put in on this matter and clearly see there is a high probability there are lineal descendants of the decedent’s grandparents still alive and able to claim under the estate. That being the case, please continue your research…

In addition, I provided your company’s information to another potential client and hope you are able to assist them as well.


John T. Marshall, Esq.
Juris Doctor & Master of Taxation
Licensed in Florida and Ohio

Your firm was exceptional in assisting with the findings of the blood relatives.

Carl Blain, Vice President
Wells Fargo Wealth Management

Thank you very much for your thorough work!

Claudia Baldwin, Cemetery Manager
St. Michael’s Cemetery Office

My manager, Stan Cross, recommends you as an outstanding private investigator to help us to find a trust beneficiary that we have been unable to locate.

Thank you!

Liz Bradfield, CTFA
Wells Fargo Wealth Management

That is great news. It was very enlightening and efficient…you have accomplished the task at hand…Your team did a great job. I look forward to working with you in the future.

Thank you for your work on this matter.

Peter J. Phillips, Trust Officer
U.S. Bank Private Wealth Management

Thank you all very much!  It is truly a pleasure doing business with you all!

Shelly Register, Guardianship Services of Nevada, Inc.

Thank you.  With your hard work we were able to locate the sister and have been in contact with her.  You guys are great.

Kari A. Lomprey, Paralegal
Jeffrey Burr Estate Planning & Probate Attorneys

I have received the much appreciated results of your research. Thank you for your professionalism in handling this matter on behalf of my clients.

Les R. Chambers
Attorney at Law

Hi Cliff

This information is quite helpful.  Thanks for the quick turn around!

Beth Stubbs
Elizabeth E. Stubbs, P.C.

Thank you for your quick response and results locating these individuals.

Bernadette Manning
Wells Fargo Wealth Management

Thank you for the work done in this case.  I spoke with the attorneys involved and they said what you have sent was all they needed.  As always, we appreciate the great work you do on our cases and look forward to working with you again soon.

Rebecca Underwood
Legal Asst. for Warach, Soto & Associates

Hello Cliff– Thanks for your excellent and thorough report.

Greg L. Jensen
Jensen Law Group, Ltd,

Thanks for your outstanding report in this case.

Richard Hedgepath

Congratulations Duane and Barbara — the property you bought 35 years ago is now all yours, with no clouds on title!  I am so very glad (for you) that we were able to accomplish this without the need for a quiet title action.  We couldn’t have done it without the help of Von Langen, LLC.  Thanks Cliff.

Mary L. Stone

Thank you for your professionalism and thorough investigation.  Keep up the good work!

Amy S. Boland

Thank you for the expediting of this request, we greatly appreciate it. Thank you again for all your hard work on this case.

Wilbur H. Harding
Wells Fargo Wealth Management

We thank you for all of your diligent hard work…Thank you very much!!

Robert Rollinger

Thank you for the update. As always, you and your associates have done great work!

Kelley J. Stratton
Office of the Washoe County Public Administrator

Many thanks for the fine professional job and the useful information you have provided to me on such short notice.

Richard E. Knight

Thank you for your help your research was excellent.

Alex Avery, Head of Private Client
Estate Research
London Office

I appreciate all of the time, attention and assistance that you have provided me with respect to getting this matter resolved.

Lloyd A. Welling, Esq.
American Wills & Estates

Thank you very much for your assistance in locating Mr. Hawkins. I appreciate your prompt service, and, of course, your results.

Very truly yours,
Arnold G. Foreman
Attorney at Law

Thanks so much for all of your hard work on this one, Christine!!

Kimberly A. Ryan, Esq.

I appreciate the opportunity to work with such an awesome team.

Best regards to all,

Julia Coleman

I’ve read through your entire website to refresh myself. I appreciate the content. I am so “over” these unauthorized heir search companies headhunting on my cases. It is just frustrating and wild to imagine the legality in all of it. I’m grateful for your ethical practices.

Thank you so much for your reply. I really appreciate you taking time to explain.

As always, you and your staff produce the best product out there in the heir search world. You are my “go to” for any type of heir search. I appreciate all you do tremendously.

Rashiel Salem, Principal, Licensed Fiduciary

Mohave Estate Management Office

Thank you for your reply. I really appreciate it.

Cliff: You are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much.

Erin C. O’Callaghan, CTFA
Senior Fiduciary Administrator & Assistant Vice President
Wells Fargo Wealth Management

Great work on this project.

Best regards,

Jared W. Eastlack
The Bailey Law Firm

Thank you for all the help and extra effort you provided with your excellent Report.  Rest assured that I will refer anyone to you!


Pete Rossi

Fantastic work. No additional services are needed at this time, thank you.

I look forward to using your firm again.

Thank you again,

Michael Biesheuvel, Attorney

Kirkland Wills & Trusts

Thanks for working so well with our office.  It has been a pleasure to work with you.

Carl L. Bekofske, Attorney at Law
Genesee County Public Administrator

Carl L. Bekofske, Attorney at Law

Genesee County Public Administrator

Thank you very much for the quick turnaround.  Really appreciate it.

Jason M. Tarokh, Attorney

Your firm has provided incredible service…Thank you for all your hard work.  We had our hearing yesterday in Suffolk Probate Court and the Judge very much appreciated your update.  It was evident to the Judge your work has been very thorough and complete.

As the family tree is a central issue to this case, the Judge and case parties are requesting we expedite the remaining work.  I realize chasing down the half blood relatives is not a simply task nor a quick process.  The Judge wanted to see if there was anything we can do expedite this remaining piece and the associated cost for that?   The Judge certainly understands the difficulty with completing your research.  He just wanted me to convey the Court’s desire to wrap this up as soon as possible.

Thank you again.

Best regards,


Philip W. Summers, Esq.

Thank you all for your hard work! Couldn’t have done it without you!

Kind Regards,

Ashley D. Stearns, Esq.

Thank you so much for all your work!!!

Adriuna Mills-Rawlins, CTFA
WM Sr. Fiduciary Administrator
Wells Fargo Fiduciary Management Services

Thank you again for your patience as this Estate was very complicated!


Ryan Ingraham, Buist Law

I’m very satisfied with your service and the results!  Thank you!

Christie L. Martin, Martin & Richards, LLP

This has been a challenge for all of us and I really appreciate your help in determining what happened to Mr. Robinson.


Joanne F. Mintz, Vice President
Senior Fiduciary Administrator
Wells Fargo Wealth Management

Hi Cliff and Christine,

Thank you both so much for your exhaustive efforts to find…. I know it has not been easy! Thanks as always for your hard work.

We really appreciate it!

As always, thank you so much for your diligent efforts.

Kindest regards,

Jeffrey Pack, Fiduciary Administrator
Fiduciary Management Services
Wells Fargo Wealth Management

We would like to thank you for the information provided in your review of this matter and what has been communicated. We will be able to file a petition utilizing the information provided with the documentation sent.

Thank you for all that you do. We appreciate it.

Best Regards,

Annise Griffin, Assistant Vice President
Wells Fargo Wealth Management

I want to thank you for your prompt and courteous handling of this matter in locating Mr. Hankey. It was a great relief to me to be able to finalize the administration of this trust without necessitating the administration of another small account. Again, thank you for all of your efforts on our behalf.

Sharon M. Garcia
Assistant Vice President
Mellon Private Asset Management

Thanks to all of our collective efforts, I succeeded in meeting with Ms. Anderson on Friday, April 5th, to deliver to her a check representing her bequest under the will of Ms. Phillips. Ms. Anderson and her husband were enormously pleased…. She was quite surprised, pleased and humbled that Ms. Phillips would remember her in her will.

Scott K. Keefer
Macktaz, Keefer and Kirby

This note is to thank you for the check and the efforts in our behalf. It is not very often that a pleasant surprise as this comes our way. Please do express our gratitude to all involved.

Robert Murray

I truly appreciate all of your assistance, and I hope to work with you again soon.

Miriam Ayoub
John G. Llewellyn, PLLC

I thank you for your good work in locating some of my lost cousins. It was a surprise to me as I left New York City 50 years ago.

Mrs. Vacchione

I greatly appreciate your patience in this matter. I look forward to working with you again should the need arise.

Jonathan Dean, President
Dean & Dean, Attorneys at Law

Thank you so much for your assistance!  We enjoy working with you and your staff!
Shelly A. Register, JD-NCG
Private Professional Guardian

Thank you for the thorough and detailed Researcher’s Report of Findings.

Andrea G. Van Leesten
Attorney at Law

“Thank you very much for your hard work on tracking all this information down.

Wilbur H. Harding, Fiduciary Administrator
Wells Fargo Wealth Management

Cliff, Thank you for this amazing windfall!  And thanks to the lawyer, and to the memory of Uncle Joe Koluch!  After reading the prospectus, I really never had any idea.  I had no idea it was so much, and I also had no idea there are so many relatives!  To think it started with you calling me, and my finding those old pictures…  My sister Lynn was so surprised, she called right away, while I was busy calling her!  You have provided her with some much needed relief, since she is on her own.

Mike (and Lynn) Krapek

Thank you for providing such excellent, professional, efficient service, and with a smile.  Your quick results have been a big help.
Robert E. Blumentritt

Hi Cliff, we received your package today.  Great job – thank you so much.  We have updated all of our records and are preparing the report for the court.  Thanks again – I hope we can work together again soon!!!
Cheryl L. Smith, Legal Asst. to Thomas M. Baggott

Good morning Cliff.  Perfect job.  This will allow us to properly probate this estate.  Thank you so much.
Christiam Cardenas, Esq.
Louis A. Supraski, P.A.

Gentlemen: Recently I telephoned your office in connection with an unusual matter in which I was involved in connection with a genealogical matter involving myself and in which your office performed the solution in a most efficient manner and for which I am greatly thankful. In this case you provided an excellent service to a brother attorney and for which we are very grateful.

Sincerely yours,
John Donoghue

Thank you so much for your help. Once again you have done a great job.

Lilia C. Machado
Morrison & Reynolds

Cliff, thank you for all of your help.  We are closing this search file for Franklin Jones and believe due diligence has been done.
Miranda L. Toney, Trust Administrator Officer
Winston-Salem Trust Center, Wells Fargo Wealth Management

Thanks to you and your correspondents for your hard work and diligence in the matter.  Thanks to your efforts, we will now be able to move forward with the closing of this estate
Lisa A. Winans, Public Administrator

Thank you for your patience and your thorough investigation.  I certainly will recommend your services if the opportunity presents itself!
Dorothyann Nelson

Thank you for everything.  I don’t think I will need anything else on this matter.  As always, an outstanding job.
Edward J. Fischer

Enclosed is a check for your firm’s services in researching the beneficiaries of the above estate. I appreciate your assistance in this matter. With your help, the Court has declared my client as the sole beneficiary of the Yancey estate. I will certainly utilize your firm in the future whenever the need arises.

Kristen Marks
Chase, Quinnell & McIver, P.A.

Enclosed is a check in payment for your excellent service provided to me as executor of the Miller estate.

Edward Ottonello

Attorney Sacks and I are very impressed with your quick response to our request to locate the missing heirs. Should we ever be in need of your services in the future, we will not hesitate to contact you.

Robin Cusson
Assistant to Harley M. Sacks
Morse & Sacks, Attorneys at Law

Thank you for the efficient manner you handled this assignment.

Thomas V. Kenney, Jr.

My brothers and I received a FedEx envelope from your company informing us that we were heirs to our sister, Rose Marie’s, estate. We were totally surprised and honestly a little skeptical. As a result of your company locating us, we received a very special gift.

Suzanne Baker (Rizzo)

I really appreciate all the work you did in this matter and assure you if I have a need like this again, you will be whom I call.

Dean Stein
Harville-Stein Law Offices

Thank you for the quick turnaround. Feel free to add my name as a reference.

Ed Weilbacher

We are very pleased with the work performed in regards to finding the heirs to this estate.

Doris H. Williford
County Administrator

I appreciate your fast and efficient service.

Jeffrey A. Taliaferro

Hi Cliff, I just finished talking with the probate judge that I have been discussing this matter with… So, we are finished at this point with the heir search work for Helen Marcy. I thank you very much for your efforts.

Bill Monty

Good Afternoon Cliff, We are in receipt of the final heir research in this case. Thank you for your assistance, persistence and hard work.

It has been a pleasure working with you … Thanks for all your help over the years.

Barbara McCord
Probate Estate Case Manager
Washoe County Public Administrator

It has been a pleasure working with your company again.

Very truly yours,
Michelle Noltemeyer Bowling
Probate Estate Case Manager

It has been a pleasure working with you.

Bonnie J. Wenzel
Legal Assistant

Thank you. It was a pleasure working with you and your wonderful staff.

Laura Duffrin

Thank you so much for taking time to answer my inquiries. That was very kind of you and very much appreciated. We are thankful you found us, and you’re on the case. I’ll bet you have many, many happy clients like us. Thanks again, Debra, for ALL your help and information. You’ve gone beyond the call.

Kind Regards,
Donna Hartle

I thank you for your assistance and if and when the need arises in the future, I will be contacting your office.

Very truly yours,
Robert G. Johnson

Thank you again for such a good job and quick response.  It’s such a pleasure to work with you.

Linda Dodridge
Mashburn Law Office

It’s been a real pleasure working with you. You can bet I’ll call you and Michele and the gang whenever I have another one. Thanks so much again.

Randy Michel

Cliff, Thank you so much for your help with this! Your turn-around time was impressive!

Until next time,
Maria Elisa Lemos
Asst. Vice President
Wells Fargo Wealth Managemn

I finally got a chance to sit down and spend some time with your work product.  Very impressive.

Thanks for your good work.


Kenneth J. Lackey, J.D., LL.M. (Tax)
Law Office of Kenneth J. Lackey LLC

Your assistance is always greatly appreciated!

Patricia A. Smith

Thanks so much for all of your diligent work in locating these heirs for us.

Lisa B. Perry
Wells Fargo Wealth Management

Thank you for the prompt and efficient service. I am very pleased with your services.

David R. Meyer
The Meyer Law Firm, P.C.

Thank you for your partnership!

Reba Khan

Wells Fargo Wealth Management

Dear Mr. Von Langen, Thank you for completing the research for the Estate of Barbara M. Rokicki so promptly.

Very truly yours,
Robert N. Isacke Jr.

Thanks to you and the Von Langen family for the thorough research conducted in this matter.

Christina V. Kennedy, Esq.


Thank you. You are the best.

Thank you,

Rochelle M. Koroma, Paralegal


I wanted to say thank you for your research on the above account. With that information, I will soon be able to close my account.

Cari Bennett
Wells Fargo Wealth Management

Cliff, your efforts resulted in my making contact with the decedent’s children.  Thanks for your good work.

Gary Vigna

We appreciate your help and prompt assistance in this matter.

Lucy Upright
Feldman Koenig Highsmith & Van Loon, P.A.

Thanks for the great job you did for my clients and me.

Douglas J. Bratt
Morse Bratt Andrews & Foster PLLC

I am grateful for the chance to work with you on this matter, and I look forward to other such occasions.

Julian H. Spirer

It was a pleasure dealing with you and will recommend you to anyone I know in need of your services.

Tarik A. Kadri

Thank you for your diligent and prompt efforts in this matter.

Jon B. Munger, JD
Public Administrator

I received your message that Ms. Wiseman may not inherit. I want to thank you for spending your time with me on the phone so we could have a very detailed conversation about our family history. I’m very glad that you picked up that adoption was a concern and we addressed it up front. Thanks for your help and being very honest during the procedure.

Wayne Wiseman

Spoke with my lawyer concerning the findings of “William Brown,” … I would like to “Thank you,” and your firm for your timely resolving this matter of my family’s portion of his estate.

Shirley L. DeGoldsby

Thanks for your patience, and I appreciate all of your help.

Amy E. Pennekamp

Thank you once again for your good work.

Sonja Trio

Hi Cliff.  Looks like you scooped your competitor in finding the maternal heirs according to the attached letter from their attorney stating that they did not find any!!!  Nice job.

Richard E. Knight

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for your work on the subject case. If you had not have talked Atty. Kramer into the new and different way to take this case to court, it may not have ever gotten settled. I have received the check, and it’s in the bank. Thank you very much.

Jimmie Elkins (heir)

Cliff– The good work of your office research leading to… led me to find the other three half siblings. Have what I need to send out notice, etc. Thank you very much.

Greg L. Jensen
Jensen Law Group, Ltd.

Hi Cliff – Great job! At a minimum, I am totally impressed. One day turn around… thank you so much for your diligence and efficiency. You will have REALLY earned your fee on this one.  I’m just grateful you were interested in taking this challenge.  I will definitely use your office from now on for any missing heirs.

Jeanne M. Marquette, Esq.
Attorney at Law

Thank you for the prompt and efficient service in the Winters property matter… Everything we need to know… Exactly what we were looking for.  We thought your services were excellent.

Very truly yours,
James Burns
Miller, Pearson, Gloe, Burns, Beatty & Parrish, P.L.C.

Thank you for the great job on this case.

Dawn Parker
Mohave Estate Management Office

Awesome – thanks so much for this added detail, Michele!! This helps a lot. Man, what a family tree!!

Gretchen Peterson-Fisher, Attorney

City and County of San Francisco

Legal Division – Office of the Public Administrator/Public Guardian

Thank you for your help; you provided very timely assistance.

Best wishes,
David K. Palmer
Cullen Palmer Law Office LLP

Your prompt, thorough and professional services have been greatly appreciated in this effort. We will keep your card on file for future use and reference to our colleagues.

Scotty Perryman
Assistant Trust Officer
Citizens National Bank

Thank you for your fast and excellent service…

You have done excellent work for us in the past so I turn to you again for assistance.

William R. Koerner
Elder Law, PLC

Your help is greatly appreciated. I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Echoing Brianna to say thank you for the additional information.  It was very helpful.  Have a great evening!

Gretchen Peterson-Fisher, Attorney

I have placed in today’s mail payment of your invoice but wanted to take a moment to tell you how pleased we, and the Executor of the Estate, are with your services. Your prompt and thorough report is greatly appreciated and your help has allowed us to continue with the closing of this estate. Thank you very much for your professionalism and we will be certain to retain your services in the future.

Maria Cunningham
Simmonds & Klima, Ltd.

Thank you very much to you and your team for your hard work and help on this matter.  I will definitely be keeping you in mind for future business as the need arises.

Best regards,
Caylin V. Wenzel
Estate Settlement Administration
Wells Fargo Wealth Management

Thank you very much for all of your help. I will definitely keep your firm in mind if I ever need this type of assistance in the future. I do a lot of quiet title actions where I need to track down individuals in the chain of title of property, and I am sure your services would be handy in those instances as well.  I look forward to working with you in the future.

Kim Chimner

Dear Cliff, we’re very optimistic that our probate judge will approve all filings based on the newly found beneficiary thanks to the work done by you and your staff.

Vickie C. Cardinal
Legal Assistant

As always, thank you for your professionalism and prompt service and at a reasonable cost.  The next time I need this service, we won’t hesitate in retaining you again.  Thanks.

Best regards,
Steve A. Biehn Wachtel, Biehn & Malm Lake Havasu City

Thank you again for all the work you and your firm and associates have done for us. You all are great to work with.

Beverly Sue Ryan,
Public Administrator for Clay County

Thank you for all your assistance throughout the recent probate proceedings. You provided a great deal of personal inflection and time into the process of locating a lost heir of the estate. Your service and dedication were prompt, reliable and accurate. The professionalism of Von Langen, LLC and the supporting staff outshine those of other local and national firms who were asked for competing bids. I will refer your services to others and utilize you in the future as need arises.

Thank you again for all your time and effort.

Webster B. Baker

Words alone cannot express the gratitude we have for your company in locating our family as the “Missing Heirs” to a cousin in Germany.  Thank you!

Jack & Theresa Bell

I am very surprised by the content of your findings for Mr. Barker as his family was extremely unordinary. However, you managed to find current information on his siblings.  I took the addresses for his siblings from your report and wrote them letters.  Two of his sisters have contacted this office and we have gone forward very successfully.  Thank you for your quick and accurate research. Nice job.

Respectfully Submitted,
Philip G. Decker, II

Cliff, I’d like to thank you and your team for the excellent work… In the future when we have trouble locating missing heirs, we will contact your organization first thing, rather than as a last resort.

David C. Mauz
Tolero Corp.

Once again, it was a pleasure working with you and I was very pleased with your firm’s ability to find heirs in cases like this where clues are few and far between.

Very truly yours,
George J. Pettrone

I appreciate everything you have done regarding this case and I apologize that things were so confusing and complicated for you and hope you have been, and feel you were, fairly compensated.  You certainly deserve it! I hope you find us some more money one of these years!  Thanks Cliff!

‘Chip’ Brant

Cliff, your work was superb.  Please close the file as the attorney was very satisfied with the information.  Many, many thanks to you and your team!

Marcian Cromwell, CTFA
Vice President & Senior Trust Administrator
Wells Fargo Wealth Management

Thank you very much for all the work you and your office did in locating all the heirs. And thank you for doing all the legal preparations so his estate could be disbursed. My brothers and sisters and I have now received our shares and we really appreciate it.

May you continue to bless more families for a long time.

With kind regards,
Rhonda Frank

I know that you probably did more work than the $500.00 invoice, and I appreciate your efforts and the information that you were able to provide. If I have need for an heir search in the future, I will be in contact.

Very truly yours,
Andrew M. Eggan
Washtenaw County Public Admin.
Pear Sperling Eggan & Daniels, P.C.

I would like to take this opportunity to pass over my sincere thanks to you and your firm for your efficient work and excellent service once again.

Best Regards,
Michael McLoughlin
Private Client Manager
Estate Research

You did an extraordinary job! I am positively stunned… That’s amazing! I have gotten very nice feedback on your calls to the Beneficiaries. They all commented on how nice you were, helpful and professional. Not one felt that it was a scam call. Thank you again and again!! This is such a monumental relief. I cannot begin to tell you how amazed I was and remain so.

Joan S. Kingsley

There is no question that this file required extraordinary work to satisfy the due diligence requirements in order to identify and locate the Decedent’s distributees who were initially unknown.  The foregoing shall constitute the Decision and Order of this Court.  Submit Decree.
Hon. Vincent W.Versaci, Surrogate
Surrogate’s Court, County of Schenectady, NY

Hi Cliff,

What you did was remarkable.  The attorney wants to let you know she is very impressed and we will definitely use your services in the future and recommend you to other trial and probate lawyers.

Thanks again.
Theresa Richards,
Gourley Law Group

You were of great assistance to us both in terms of efficiency and speed of service and courtesy in obtaining evidence of death of a particular person which evidence was needed to progress the distribution of an estate that we were handling. You were recommended to us in the first place by the United States Embassy and we are grateful to them for their introduction to you and would not hesitate to use your services again or to recommend you.

H. P. Levy & Co., London

I want to thank you and all for “tracking me down” in this remote location, and for your expeditious handling my inheritance. Your efforts on my behalf are greatly appreciated. Please feel free to add me to your reference list if you deem appropriate. Best wishes for continued success.

Bill Massengill

I had hired an investigator to ascertain the dates of death and whereabouts of next of kin to Ms. Evans. After two months of diligent searching, he found nothing concrete… Within two days following our first conversation, I received a call indicating the possibility of success. It was indeed my long lost relative. I only wish I had found and used you sooner. Thank you for your integrity, resourcefulness and expeditious success.

Marilyn Green/Fisher
Personal Representative

Hey Cliff, Just a note to tell you that I am pleased and encouraged by the initial information you have given us on our cases. It looks like you are finding heirs that we might never find and you are doing it faster and with greater economy than me spending our limited and valuable staff time. So thanks, good start, have a great weekend, we look forward to working with you.

John J. Cahill
Clark County Public Administrator

Dear Mr. Von Langen, I want to write you to say that I received a check for $30,657.57. And my son has the desk that his great grandfather made. Thank you for your part in all of this.

Sally Forziati

Thanks Cliff.  I like working with your company and have been for years.

Jason M. Tarokh, Attorney

You recently did some work for me on the Iglehart Estate.  Thanks for that — we had a hearing on it  last month and it worked out well.

Joseph W. Stuart, PLC

Dear Cliff, Based on the information contained within the report, we are satisfied that due diligence has been performed. Thank you for the timely and efficient work you have done. Your cooperation and assistance with the matter of locating heirs is greatly appreciated. There is no doubt that we will contact you in the future should we be in need of a genealogist.

Tina Leonard
Legal Asst., The Parish Law Firm


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