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Juridical concept about Probate and Estate Administration? with inscription on the sheet.

The Role of an Ad Litem in Probate and Estate Administration

By Von Langen, LLC |

As a probate attorney or estate administrator, you are often faced with a labyrinth of legal complexities that require nuanced understanding and precise handling. One such critical aspect that warrants attention is the appointment and role of an ‘Ad Litem’ in probate and estate administration. This post aims to shed light on the importance… Read More »

Forensic Genealogy Word Cloud on Blue Background

How a Forensic Genealogist Finds Missing Heirs

By Von Langen, LLC |

Many people understand genealogy as the practice of tracing and discovering your ancestors and creating a family tree. This definition is fairly accurate, but there’s a big difference between genealogy and forensic genealogy. Forensic genealogy is a scientific discipline limited to the study of ancestry for use in legal fields. Most often, forensic genealogy… Read More »

heir search

Why You Should Conduct an Heir Search Early

By Von Langen, LLC |

When you’re administering an estate, you need to collect a wealth of information about various accounts, parties, properties, and other matters. One big challenge faced by many estate administrators is finalizing their tax forms while still awaiting vital information from putative heirs and other parties. If you wait to track down all of the… Read More »

legal executor of assets

What an Executor Can and Cannot Do

By Von Langen, LLC |

Being the executor of an estate is a significant responsibility. The executor is responsible for carrying out the terms of the will and ensuring the transfer of assets and the payment of liabilities in accordance with the law and the decedent’s estate plan. Importantly, there are boundaries to what an executor may or may… Read More »

Banknote dollar, calculator and credit card are important in calculate saving for homeowner, repair, expand, leasing or transactions such as refinance, mortgage, decrease interest or debt restructure.

Preparing Heirs for Transfer of Inheritance

By Von Langen, LLC |

The transfer of wealth can bring a host of concerns and headaches. Heirs may be unprepared to handle the responsibility of managing their newfound assets, whether those are investments and cash or business ownership interests. Read on for tips on how you can ensure your heirs are prepared to receive your inheritance upon your… Read More »

Last Will And Testament With Money And Planning Of Inheritance

What Do You Do When a Beneficiary Doesn’t Want to Be Found?

By Von Langen, LLC |

If you’ve been cast in the role of estate administrator or executor of a will, one of your functions is to notify all heirs and beneficiaries of their potential inheritance. This can be easier said than done. The will might not state each individual heir by name, referring instead to a class of persons,… Read More »

estate planning document

Estate Planning Checklist

By Von Langen, LLC |

Estate planning is an essential part of adulthood. Once you have any other parties depending upon you, be they children, a spouse, family members, or other loved ones, you need to ensure that they will be taken care of in your absence. Proper estate planning also ensures that you are cared for in your… Read More »

Business meeting of real estate broker, Business meeting working with new startup project. Idea presentation analyze plan.

Role of Estate Planning Attorneys

By Von Langen, LLC |

Estate planning attorneys serve an important function before and during the administration of an estate. With a well-crafted estate plan, a person can be sure that their estate will pass to their chosen beneficiaries in accordance with their needs. An estate planning and elder law attorney can also help protect the client’s interests in… Read More »

Genetic testing. Test tube with blood, saliva and hair. DNA testing used to diagnose genetic disorders, or determine biological relatives (mother and father), and Forensic testing.

How Attorneys Can Benefit From a Forensic Genealogist

By Von Langen, LLC |

Forensic genealogists work hand-in-hand with attorneys. Whether you are a probate attorney representing an estate, the estate administrator, or the representative of a client vying for an inheritance, forensic genealogy provides an essential service to serve your client’s interests and protect your law practice. Read on to learn how a forensic genealogist can help… Read More »

DNA biotechnology medical research of double helix in human genetics for health care - Conceptual 3D illustration rendering

Missing Heir Could Decide the Fate of a Public Park

By Von Langen, LLC |

Finding the right heir to an estate is important for several reasons. It ensures that family wealth is kept in the family, the wishes of the decedent can be upheld, and parties who have the legal right to inherit are given the opportunity to collect that which belongs to them. Normally, identifying the right… Read More »