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Heir Hunting’s Predatory Nature

By Von Langen, LLC |

While most of us respond to the news of a person’s passing with sympathy, there are industries that see the notice of a death and think of ways they can profit. Heir hunting involves a complete stranger with no relationship to the decedent, their personal representative, or their family inserting themselves uninvited into the… Read More »

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What is a Forensic Genealogist?

By Von Langen, LLC |

If you’re looking for help in locating someone in regards to a legal matter, you may have run into people calling themselves heir hunters, as well as those labeled as forensic genealogists. Both offer person-locating services, but the term “forensic genealogist” can sound a bit mysterious. What do forensic genealogists do, and how is… Read More »

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Why Search for Heirs Now?!

By Von Langen, LLC |

Estate administrators, trustees, and executors all have a legal duty to locate the heirs to an estate. In the case where beneficiaries and heirs are listed in a will, and where the locations of all beneficiaries and heirs are easily known, this task is straightforward. Where the beneficiaries of a will or trust are… Read More »