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Heir Law Forum Offers Valuable Resource to Estate Administrators, Public Administrators and Other Probate Professionals

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The persons charged with administrating an estate or locating other types of beneficiaries are tasked with what can be a thankless job. Members of the public and the legal community expect flawless execution of the task of distributing proceeds to the correct beneficiary, despite the countless challenges standing in the way.

Public administrators, conservators, executors, probate court staff, trustees, and other professionals who find themselves searching for missing heirs and beneficiaries can gain a great deal from entering into conversation with others in the field. The Heir Law Forum offers an opportunity to share solutions to commonly-faced problems, read case histories, and discuss potential legislative solutions to the challenges faced by probate professionals.

Heir Law Forum: Who is it for?

The Heir Law Forum was designed to offer all professionals in the probate field a place to come together and discuss the challenges they face when attempting to identify and locate heirs to an estate or trust. This list of professionals includes:

  • Estate administrators
  • Conservators
  • Probate court judges, attorneys, and staff
  • Personal representatives
  • Executors
  • Public administrators
  • Trustees and trust officers
  • Guardians

How can you benefit from the Heir Law Forum?

The Heir Law Forum offers a home for articles and discussions on the subjects faced by probate professionals. For instance, our website includes examples of draft legislation designed to address the threat posed by heir hunting firms. We offer forums for you to discuss issues of concern to you, such as the accountability of heir hunters, the frustrations of racing heir hunters to find heirs when acting as a public administrator, and the ways that rushed searches by heir hunters can lead to inaccurate results. You can also suggest your own topics for discussion if you’ve encountered a new and unusual challenge or potential solution for which you’d like input. We additionally have several case studies on the forum that are both informative as to how a forensic genealogist can transform a search for heirs, as well as being compelling stories of deceit and, ultimately, justice being served. Join us to offer your unique perspective on your work as a probate professional as you also learn from others in the field.

For seasoned and thorough assistance in identifying and locating heirs, contact the forensic genealogists at Von Langen, LLC, for a consultation on your case at 561-748-2936.