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What are Important Questions to Ask when Settling a Trust?

By Von Langen, LLC |

After a relative or loved one passes away, there are many important tasks that will require your attention in the wake of their death. If your loved one had placed their assets in a revocable living trust and named you as the successor trustee, then you’ll need to devote time and attention to settling… Read More »

Cloud on title red sign

Suits to Quiet Title Explained

By Von Langen, LLC |

When you’re planning to sell a piece of property, you need to be able to confirm that you own the property free and clear. If some financial institution or individual has a legal claim to owning part or all of the property you’re planning to sell, this is known as a cloud or encumbrance… Read More »

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What are Mineral Rights, and What Does It Mean to Inherit Them?

By Von Langen, LLC |

Finding out that you may be the heir to mineral rights is confusing for many people. What are “mineral rights,” anyhow? Are they real? Are they valuable? How did I inherit them? Find answers to these questions below in regards to inherited mineral rights, and contact a knowledgeable and experienced estate investigator for help… Read More »

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Ethical Duties of Forensic Genealogists

By Von Langen, LLC |

Genealogy has become a hobby for thousands of people. Many of us fancy ourselves amateur genealogists based on our use of public record databases and internet forums to find out more about our family tree. With growing public access to records databases through the internet, as well as the ubiquity of social media, it… Read More »

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Paying the Wrong “Heir” Can Result in Personal Liability

By Von Langen, LLC |

Whether you’ve been appointed as the personal representative for the estate of a family member, or you’re an experienced estate administrator working for a financial institution, administering an estate is a massive effort requiring hard work and careful attention to detail. When in the midst of completing your other duties, one task that can… Read More »

Estate Administrator shaking hands with client

The Essential Duties of an Estate Administrator, and How a Forensic Genealogist Can Help

By Von Langen, LLC |

If you’ve been appointed as the personal representative of an estate, you’ve been given a great deal of responsibility. Correctly consolidating and distributing the assets of the deceased person can be complex. Should a personal representative breach the legal duties they bear and cause the estate to suffer a loss, they may become personally… Read More »

Family history sign

Heir Hunting’s Predatory Nature

By Von Langen, LLC |

While most of us respond to the news of a person’s passing with sympathy, there are industries that see the notice of a death and think of ways they can profit. Heir hunting involves a complete stranger with no relationship to the decedent, their personal representative, or their family inserting themselves uninvited into the… Read More »

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What is a Forensic Genealogist?

By Von Langen, LLC |

If you’re looking for help in locating someone in regards to a legal matter, you may have run into people calling themselves heir hunters, as well as those labeled as forensic genealogists. Both offer person-locating services, but the term “forensic genealogist” can sound a bit mysterious. What do forensic genealogists do, and how is… Read More »

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Why Search for Heirs Now?!

By Von Langen, LLC |

Estate administrators, trustees, and executors all have a legal duty to locate the heirs to an estate. In the case where beneficiaries and heirs are listed in a will, and where the locations of all beneficiaries and heirs are easily known, this task is straightforward. Where the beneficiaries of a will or trust are… Read More »